How To Incorporate Chimichurri Into Your Dishes

Posted on: 24 June 2022


If you would like to branch out and try different dishes, one country that you might want to try making dishes from is Argentina. If you are thinking about making an Argentinian dish, an essential sauce that you will need to use on your meat is chimichurri. 

How Chimichurri is Normally Used

Chimichurri is a condiment made using herbs. It is usually placed in a bowl and can then be shared with other guests who can pour the sauce on the meat if they prefer it. It is not meant to cover the meat but is instead used to dress it. This is because it does not bind to cheeses like other sauces.

You will usually want to add chimichurri to your meat if you want to give it a surge of flavor. It's slightly spicy, but will not overpower your dish. It is most often used on sausage, steak, and ribs. However, you could get adventurous and try it on several other types of meats.

How to Experiment with Chimichurri

Another way to experiment is to try heating up the chimichurri. This sauce can be used raw because the herbs will provide the dish with a lot of flavors, but heating up the sauce will create a different type of flavor that you can experiment with as you are trying to make your dishes.

If you decide to blend the chimichurri in a food processor, there are several ways in which you can use it. For example, you can use it as a salad dressing. You can also spread it on sandwiches. While blending it in the food processor, you can also add additional ingredients.

How to Make Your Own Chimichurri

If you would like to make chimichurri on your own, the sauce is made using olive oil, oregano, garlic, parsley, and red wine vinegar. However, if you purchase chimichurri, you will be able to buy the product from a company that specializes in making the best sauce.

The Best Way to Buy Chimichurri

If you will be making Argentinian food in the future, it's helpful to purchase your chimichurri wholesale if you intend to use as much as possible. Then, you will be able to lower the price of the sauce. This is especially a good idea if you run a restaurant that is considering offering Argentinian dishes. However, you can also experiment and use chimichurri with dishes from any other part of the world.