5 Excuses To Order Gourmet Food Delivery

Posted on: 14 September 2020


Gourmet food delivery is not your ordinary food delivery. Takeout from the local diner or Chinese place can't compare to a gourmet meal from a professional service. The word gourmet has French origins and refers to food that is made with the finest and rarest ingredients or the region. Gourmet food delivery services specialize in bringing refined dishes to your door. While gourmet food can be expensive, the cost may be worth it. Sometimes you need an excuse to indulge, here are five times you might want gourmet food delivery.

1. Date Night

Nothing quite says romance like a night in with a delicious candle-lit meal. If you want to make a date night particularly special, consider ordering lobster for two. Lobster has a delicate and one-of-a-kind taste that is sure to make a night memorable. Most food delivery services offer both precooked and easily assembled options so that you can whip up the perfect dinner quick. 

2. Honeymoon 

If you are enjoying your honeymoon with the love of your life, chances are you don't want to venture out to hunt for something to eat. Let the meal come to you with a food delivery service. Pasta is a timelessly romantic option to share with your brand-new spouse, and a gourmet food delivery service can give you plenty of options, from grilled chicken and gnocchi to carbonara linguine. 

3. Valentine's Day

You can plan the perfect stay-in Valentine's Day date with gourmet food. Order some filet mignon and strawberry topped lava cakes for a romantic meal. Spruce up your space with red and white balloons, heart confetti, and the best dinnerware you have to make the day extra special. 

4. Thanksgiving 

Most gourmet food delivery services cater for Thanksgiving so you can spare yourself the heavy lifting of cooking from scratch and make the day run smoothly. Choose a turkey dinner with apple and pumpkin pie. Gourmet meats, like ham or roast, are also great choices for the holiday. 

5. Christmas or Birthday Gift Baskets

Not only do gourmet food delivery services offer meals, they also offer fruit baskets, chocolate boxes, cupcakes, desserts, and just about any other sweet thing you can think of. Choose gourmet chocolate covered nuts in decorative boxes for the ideal gift for a family member, employee, or coworker during the holidays. Purchase a beautiful basket of fruit as a congratulations for your friend's new promotion or birthday. Gourmet food delivery makes gift giving easy. 

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