Are You Agoraphobic? Shopping Services Can Help You

Posted on: 13 May 2019


When you suffer from agoraphobia, it can often be difficult to function on an everyday basis. Most things that people find innocuous, like going to the store, can seem like daunting or impossible tasks. However, there are services available that can help you get everything you need for your home and get your errands done without having to greatly exacerbate your anxiety symptoms. Get to know more about some of these services. Then, you can give them a try if you think they can help you get everything done in spite of your agoraphobia.

Drive-Up Services

Many stores today including several grocery stores, Walmart and Target, just to name a few, offer drive-up services to pick up orders made online. Essentially, all of your shopping would be done online from the comfort of your own home at your favorite stores. 

Then, all you would need to do is schedule a pick-up time that you are comfortable with (generally within a day of placing your order). You drive up, call the store at a specific provided phone number, and they bring your order directly out to your car. They will also help you by loading items into your car if the order is large. 

These services are convenient and allow you to shop popular stores, get your items quickly, and never have to set foot inside a busy store. Additionally, drive-up services give you an opportunity to face some of your anxieties about leaving the house but keep you in your car which may also help to make you feel more comfortable on a trip outside of your house. 

Grocery Delivery Services

If you are not yet at the point in your agoraphobia management where drive-up services are an option for you (or you simply do not have a car), grocery delivery services may be a good option for you. Many grocery stores such as Jerry's Foods offer their own delivery services in which store employees will make daily deliveries. You start by choosing your items online. Then, a store employee gathers them and the store delivers them to your door. 

Alternatively, there are independent services that will work with you to do your shopping. Similarly, these services often have an online site where you can specify what items you want from the store. They then would go do your shopping and bring the items directly to you. 

Either option gets you the same results, the food you want and need to be delivered to you. This allows you to stay where you are comfortable and limits the necessary social interactions to just one person (the delivery driver). 

Now that you know a few of the shopping services that can help you when you struggle with agoraphobia, you can put them to use in your life as soon as possible.