Let It Snow! 4 Tips to Create the Perfect Winter-Themed Party in Any Season

Posted on: 28 November 2016


Just because your child wasn't born in the middle of winter, doesn't mean they can't have a winter wonderland birthday party. With the right touches, you can give your child the wonderland party they've been dreaming of. Not sure where to start? Here are four simple steps to take to create a magical, winter wonderland for your child's next birthday party.

Think White

Nothing says winter like the fresh appeal of white. Now that you're planning your child's winter wonderland, bring on plenty of white. From crisp white linens, to white roses. You don't have to invest in fresh roses either. Simply head to the local hobby store and fill your cart with the silk variety.  Not sure you want everything to be white as the drifted snow? Add some splashes of blue and silver to the decor.

Bring on the Hot Cocoa

Now that you're throwing a winter wonderland party, don't forget to choose the perfect beverage for your party guests. Hot cocoa will warm your guests right up and get them in the spirit of good winter fun. For the grownups in your party, you can add some hot apple cider or buttered rum to the list of beverages. 

Take Advantage of the Leafless Trees

If the leaves have started falling off the trees, take advantage of the leafless branches. Snip a few branches off your trees and use them for whimsical centerpieces. Give the branches a coat of silver spray paint and then top them off with some glitter. Place them in mason jars filled with silver or blue glass stones to set things off just right. For a more festive appeal, you can also string battery-operated LED lights to the branches.

Let it Snow

There's no snow on the ground. That shouldn't stop you from creating a winter wonderland of your own. Contact a local ice company and have them deliver some of your very own snow. Snow delivery services like the Hawaiian Ice Company will come right to your home and create plenty of fresh snow for you and your guests to frolic in. Don't forget to bring out the sleds and the winter gloves. Your kids will be playing in the snow for hours.

If your child has been dreaming of a winter-themed birthday party, make this the year that their dreams come true. Use the tips provided here to create the perfect winter birthday party in any season.